History has proven that passwords and traditional MFA (using SMS, Push or OTP) aren’t enough to defend against identity theft, account takeover and online fraud. Users and companies alike have been turning toward FIDO security, which uses public key cryptography to verify users.

Advancing Past USB keys

USB FIDO keys have proven to eliminate phishing attacks and seriously mitigate other cyber risks. While these results are phenomenal, WinMagic has taken the user experience one step further.

With FIDO Eazy, users now have the option to use either their computer’s native Trusted Platform Module (TPM) or their smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to perform the same secure FIDO authentication as a USB key. These alternatives eliminate the need to buy and carry around a separate USB device.

Introducing MagicEndpoint FIDO Eazy

MagicEndpoint FIDO Eazy provides a password-free login experience to your favorite online services and apps that support FIDO authentication. The software is easy to use, delivering a great user experience to anyone looking for a next-generation authentication solution that offers advanced security.

How it works

Authentication Device

FIDO Eazy is available for Windows devices.

passwordless authentication

The user is verified through FIDO authentication, which, by default, uses the endpoint’s trusted platform module (TPM) as a security key to confirm the user’s identity. FIDO Eazy verifies the “user + device” combination for added security, ensuring that only the authorized user can access their online accounts.

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About WinMagic

WinMagic is a leading developer of endpoint authentication and encryption products that, over the course of 25 years, has raised the bar for user security. With extensive experience with securing the endpoint — and continuous innovation — WinMagic is trusted by over 2,500 businesses and government agencies around the world and has over 3 million active licenses globally.

USB Key Comparison

USB keys have transformed the cybersecurity industry. They’ve been an incredibly effective defense against cyberattacks and are used throughout high-risk sectors including government, healthcare and finance.

MagicEndpoint FIDO Eazy offers the same level of security with a better user experience:




User experience

Users must plug a USB key into the
device to access online accounts

The device’s TPM performs
authentication on the user’s behalf
Backup key

The user must purchase a
second USB key

A phone or software token
can work as a backup key
Phone as a security key

Not available

The user’s phone acts
as a security key
Support multiple users per device

Each user must purchase their
own USB key

Each user has a unique security
key for the same device
Replacement costs

Users must repurchase a USB token

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Eazy Pricing for Great Security

MagicEndpoint FIDO Eazy is available for one set yearly price — no hardware keys, backup keys or hardware replacement costs.

passwordless authentication

For Federal, Medical and Financial Sectors

WinMagic’s MagicEnpoint passwordless authentication solution offers the next level of cyber security from MagicEndpoint FIDO Eazy. The software uses MFA to authorize endpoint access for Windows and preboot sign-on. This approach includes an identity provider service, allowing for centralized management for user authentication. Users are then granted secure, passwordless authentication to online applications and services without requiring any user action.

The solution supports zero-trust security frameworks by continuously verifying the endpoint’s security posture plus the user’s presence and intent.